The Perils of Pickleball

Have you heard of pickleball? It’s a sport Braden’s parents are obsessed with – it’s basically a cross between tennis and ping pong.

People who know me know how I feel about sports. They are not my thing. I deeply relate with this quote from the movie Princess Diaries: “I’m more of a horseback-riding, wall-climbing, yoga-doing kind of girl.” Basically, don’t ask me to exert myself too much, care about rules or winning, or have an attention span of more than 10 minutes.

Yet, I found myself playing pickleball on Sunday. It’s pretty easy and fun. Braden and I got paired up against our friends Ben and Alesha. I was getting into it and took a big jump… and went down hard. I did not get right back up again. In fact, I spent the next 5 minutes blacking out to the extent that Braden and Ben had to carry me to the car. Disappointingly, I did not receive a slow clap from the pickleball players on the next court. That would have been the highlight of my sports career.

One x-ray later (shoutout to Holland Hospital ER– there was no wait and everyone was super nice and good looking), I was diagnosed with a non-displaced fracture of my fifth metatarsal and a bruised tailbone. The blacking out was a syncope in response to the pain, so nothing too serious there. Luckily, I didn’t need a cast, just a lovely foot brace, so we were able to stick to our travel schedule.

So, our stopover in Toronto was subdued and we didn’t cover as much ground as we would have liked. But at least I could walk – and do my share of the driving. It’s another setback, but one we can manage.

Never a dull moment around here – but that’s exactly what we signed up for!

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