Reflections on Savannah

Let me start by saying… Savannah is peak dog. If you are looking for a G O O D B O Y E, just take a quick stroll through Forsyth Park or the historic district. You will see many. Records indicate […] Read More

Keep Asheville Weirdish

Asheville is weird, but in a natural and approachable way. If Asheville was rich, you might call it ‘quirky.’

Get there fast or take it slow?

Here’s a dilemma when it comes to road tripping. On certain legs of the drive, I’m torn between the desire to get the drive over with as fast as possible… and a sense of FOMO as we blaze past potentially […] Read More

A Crazy December

It’s been a crazy month. Our final days in Pittsburgh ran through the end of November. By the end of December, we will have spent at least one night in 7 cities in 3 states and 2 countries!  Cleveland Houston […] Read More