Our last week in Montreal

We have less than seven days left in Montreal. Nuts!

As we close out our time in Canada, I’ve been reflecting on whether I’ve made the most of our time here. The first few weeks were hard because of my broken foot! All in all, I think we’ve covered a lot of ground in Montreal as we transition into this new way of life. Lots of thoughts to bring forward into future destinations.

My workspace at Crew Collective

Work: Summer is goal-setting season at my job, and I have a lot of new projects and challenges keeping me busy. The best part of that is that it’s keeping me connected with my coworkers, which has been ideal during this transition. Becoming a member at a coworking space was definitely the right decision – it gives my day some structure, keeps distractions to a minimum, and makes me feel like I’m experiencing the city on a more authentic level.

Home: Not too much to go on about here – our Airbnb has been pretty much exactly what we needed: plenty of space, close to the metro, and well-equipped (we won’t have a king size bed and en-suite washer/dryer everywhere we go). I am sort of over the “scene” on Ste. Catherine Street, but it’s not a problem, per se. In advance of our drive to Philadelphia (via Bangor, Portland, and Boston), I’ve been repacking some things and trying to figure out how to maximize the space in our suitcases and storage bins.

Social: My social life has mainly revolved around people-watching here in Montreal – thank goodness our friends came to visit us last weekend! I had intended to join a yoga or zumba class to meet people, but that didn’t pan out. Braden and I figured out a long time ago that having separate outside activities/hobbies was essential to the health of our relationship. For me, this was Zumba and personal training (shout out to Tiny Fitness) and Braden had kickball twice a week. We’ve made a commitment to each join a Meetup group during our time in Philadelphia.

Colorful townhouses in the Plateau

Two more goals for Philly and beyond: I want to remember to post on Instagram more, and  keep a journal so that I can remember all the little details. For a few weeks I kept notes in a planner, but I’d like to build a habit of jotting down the things we do and places we go – even if it’s stuff like “worked, cooked dinner at home, walked around the neighborhood.”

I’m thinking this week might be our busiest yet, as we try to pack in everything we still want to do in Montreal. Tonight, we’re going to a soccer game and tomorrow, we’ll watch the Montreal Pride Parade down the block. We’re going to try out an axe-throwing class, and we’re working our way through a list of restaurant recommendations. Also – on a completely different note – we need to finish watching Brooklyn 99 on Netflix Canada. We’re almost done with Season 3 and we just found out it’s not on Netflix USA. Criminal!

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