5 Times Jaik Willis Made Us Say ‘Wow’

The trip before the trip, as most of you know by now, is to Fennville, Michigan, where we’ll get married in my parents’ back-yard, overlooking lake Michigan. Janna often jokes that people ask her if she’s excited, and she exclaims ‘yes!’ thinking that they’re talking about our big trip, only to realize that they meant the wedding. I’m not sure how I should take that, but we are, in fact, excited about the wedding too.

First: Lake Views from the ‘venue’:

Here’s one of the big reasons why: Jaik Willis. We found Jaik through a Craigslist ad, and are so excited. An independent, road-warrior musician based out of Chicago, Jaik puts an incredible soul into his music. He’s got an unbelievable resume of music education – he trained at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, and at 16-years old he was the youngest student at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. He studied specifically jazz and Euro-classical music, before receiving a degree in ethno-musicology and anthropology.

He plays 300 shows a year, he’s played Bonnaroo, Summer Camp Music Fest, and got a shoutout in Rolling Stone Magazine,

And he does some of the sickest thing you’ll ever see out of a one-man band. Here’s 5 videos of Jaik Willis that blew our mind:

  1. Jaik can play the harmonica, guitar, and drums…at the same time.

2. Where he took the greatest moment of 21st century Chicago and owned it, with the King looking on:

3. When he gave us chills in a blizzard:

4. When he played a 77-year old song on a 91-year old guitar for his 96-year old grandma

5) When he reminded us to always look on the bright side of life

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  1. Hey Braden,

    This is my first time at the website. It’s pretty awesome that you guys are documenting everything. I can’t wait to see the Montreal pics. Be safe and have fun. Congrats.

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