It’s True: Spokane DOESN’T Suck

This morning, as I walked through the farmer’s market on Main Street in Downtown Spokane, I saw a booth that was selling “soft t-shirts” under the brand “Spokane Doesn’t Suck.” And as I was looking through the vintage-style shirts, I […] Read More

One Year of Nomadic Living

One year ago today we packed up our apartment in Houston and hit the road. Since then, we’ve lived in ~12 cities (depending on how you count…), driven through 23 states and 2 Canadian provinces, met new friends, and reconnected […] Read More

Reflections on Savannah

Let me start by saying… Savannah is peak dog. If you are looking for a G O O D B O Y E, just take a quick stroll through Forsyth Park or the historic district. You will see many. Records indicate […] Read More

Keep Asheville Weirdish

Asheville is weird, but in a natural and approachable way. If Asheville was rich, you might call it ‘quirky.’